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  • I am ... and I have dream

    I'm Konstantinos and I live in Thessaloniki. I'm 11 years old.
    I can play the guitar and I like playing football!
    Also I like watching football. I have some friends and I like playing different games with them!!(Κωνσταντίνος)

my name is Bill and i `m 12years old.
I like the football and the basketball.
For school lessons i like the maths and gymnastic.
Also i like the drums. (Bill Βασίλης)

Hello, my name is Phoebus n 'go 6th grade.

I am 12 years old n I have an older sister who goes third grade.

I do not have a favorite food, but I love potatoes and spaggeti.

At school my favorite subject is Geography n 'Math.

I listen more to rock musik.To My favorite book is << >> Asterix and Obelix.

My favorite movie is again << Asterix and Obelix >>. That's me. (Fivos-Φοίβος)

Hi my name is George I live in Salonika and I am twelve years old.
My favourite sport is the football I play it everywere. I like orange and green
also I love to eat spaghetti with meat or meatballs with frites potatoes.
I always play monopoly or cluedo in my free time. I read the little Nickola lately,
and I like it. I want to visit Spain and Italya.At tv I prefear more the spongebob
squarpants and mickey mouse. And also my favourite subject is Maths.

Hi, my name is Eleni.My dream is dance.
I like draw , listen music ,read comics (asterix & obelix ) and dance.
I Iike ice skating and rollers.
My favourite sumbject in scool is France , History, Language and Physics.

I love potatoes and meatballs.

Hi! my name is Dimitris . Iam 12 yaers old and i go to the sixth class of a primary school.I come from the beautifl country Greece.My favourite hobbies are swimming and english.The colours that i like are green and orange.My favourite musik band is Supernova and i love eating spageti.
I dream to become a fighter airplne desinger or a computer programmer (Dimitris)

Hi! My name is Panagiota and I am 12 years old. I like play volley and basket.
My favourite colours are blue and fluorescent.
My best favourite school lesson is language. My favourite movie is Coralline.
As a child I have a dream to be there is a better world for all. That's me. (Panagiota)

Hi.My name is Entso.I am living in Thessaloniki .

I am 12 year old.I like green and red

.My favourite sudject is Maths and Gymnastik.

I loving football.

Hi!My name is Zoe.I am 12 years old.My favourite sport is basketball and
I love dancing and singing.My favourite colour is blue and my favourite pet is puppy.
I am Directioner(I am a fun of One Direction(1D))My deam is to meet their.


Hello! My name is Irini, Im 11years old.I go to the ST class.Im from Greece.
I like the red, puppies and volleyball.


Hi , my name is Selina . I am 11 years old.
I like History because i like learnig about past events.
Go crazy sweets and moussaka.My favourite color is orange , purple
and light green .My dream is to study at Hearvard university in America.!!!!!!(Σελίνα)!!!!!!!!

  • Great English writers

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare (26 April 1564-23 April 1616),He was a great english writer.He wrote comedies,histories,tragedies,poems,lost plays.He was a writer in renaissance.
He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon"The most famous plays are
Romeo and Juliet,Julius Caesar.One famous play is Hamlet.


37 έργα του βάρδου σε 37 γλώσσες μεταξύ των οποίων και ελληνικά. Είναι ένα έργο του που έχει άμεση σχέση με την Ελλάδα... ποιο άραγε;